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Pan Seared Sea Bass with Red Pepper and Coconut Soup


I absolutely love #TwoIngredientGame because you guys pick some amazing ingredients. Tonight, I had fish and coconut. I added coconut milk to the soup and made a delicious pan seared Chilean sea bass. Here’s


Roasted Garlic & Brown Sugar Rib Eye with Doritos-Crusted Onion Rings


I tell ya, that #TwoIngredientGame is like so much fun. Someone said to do a  recipe using Doritos and Steak. Well, I did. Hope you enjoy.   The key is making the roasted garlic oil: -10 garlic


Crispy Mongolian Lobster & Green Tea Rice


The #TwoIngredientGame is so much fun. I ask you guys to give me two ingredients that make no sense, and I’ll create a recipe. I did so, live, tonight, on Periscope! The two ingredients


Tequila Lime Grilled Shrimp


Doesn’t this just scream Summer? I mean, who doesn’t love shrimp mixed with tequila and lime. And the added bonus is the rice underneath. It’s got toasted coconut and pineapple running all through it.


Mexican Street Corn Salad with Adobo Grilled Chicken


Summer isn’t over…in fact, it’s just getting started. The second harvest of corn is happening so that means corn is super ripe and super sweet. Why not use a few ears of fresh corn


Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl Burger


Let’s face it – we all love going to ‘THAT PLACE’ where the lines are typically out the door and grabbing a delicious chicken burrito bowl with all the fixins. How about taking that


6 Cheese Mac & Cheese


Honestly, I love mac and cheese. I could eat it almost every day – no seriously, I could. Here’s the only recipe you’ll ever need!   Ingredients 6 cups of cooked pasta (elbow macaroni works best) 1 stick


Brown Sugar Rib Eye with Cilantro Chimichurri


It’s summertime. One way I love to celebrate is with grilled meats and great sauces. This one packs a punch and doesn’t disappoint!   1 10-ounce rib eye steak, bone in 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon of

Just under 3 hours to go. Yall ready?!?! -11AM EST/10AM CST. Yall gonna tune in for this collard green and cornbread cake?

Live Cooking Class – Wednesday, July 8, 8PM EST


Lets celebrate Summer with some fantastic recipes that use lots of seasonal fruits and veggies! Plus, there’s a new sangria in town: frozen grape kool aid sangria! Tune in: This Wednesday at 8PM EST! Live


Brown Sugar & Mustard Glazed Salmon


What’s for dinner tonight? It needs to be THIS!!! It’s super simple. But, again, what recipe isn’t? Here’s the recipe! Brown Sugar & Mustard Glazed Salmon -2 6oz salmon fillets -1 teaspoon of salt -1/2 teaspoon of

Order "Stories from My Grandmother's Kitchen" Today!